Choking during sex: fun, for some, but I’m not the one.

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I know some people enjoy being choked during sex. Why? It’s said oxygen deprivation during orgasm heightens sensation. Some allow partners to close their airways by choking them using hands, forearms, etc….Any object that can penetrate the neck with enough pressure to close the trachea and not leave a mark will do. No one wants tell tale bruises the world can see. Possibly, people might draw the correct conclusion and think the choking was not only voluntary, but desired. People would likely look askance at the practice. I am not a convert but I don’t judge others for doing what I would avoid at all costs.

I am not interested in exploring this practice. I really like breathing. As a kid I once almost drowned and the experience left me a staunch fan of taking every breath. What you for is up to you, and consenting…

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Author: Harvard Elite on the Street in Hawaii

Caroleena puts a human, intelligent face on society’s addicted pariahs to educate and entertain from Honolulu’s streets

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