How critiques on an adult web site are not just commenting, they are also creating (s)experience

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I was yexti g the hobbyist I knew as Little Blue.  I had met a very nice guy, Blue Neck, and several other upfront senior members who gave fair reviews. 321Bloke. NandaGoodHand. FlowerSniffer. DR-Rico. Not everyone wanted to hide their screen name from the provider, although some guys said membership in the American Sex Tales (as I call it) site should be like fight club, the firzt rule being tell no one about it. I assumed I simply didn’t hear from the secretive people. Little Blue would surely want to k ow about tbe blog I was planning, so I told him. I was unprepared for the response. “So you are going to write about yourself? Yawn. Don’t you get sick of you? Everyone else does.”  What??? I had not had a hateful comment like that since I read posts by…Astro Youth!These two are the same guy! “You knew it…

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Author: Harvard Elite on the Street in Hawaii

Caroleena puts a human, intelligent face on society’s addicted pariahs to educate and entertain from Honolulu’s streets

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