Prostitution in Honolulu circa 2000: What I don’t say about race

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In the early years of the 21st century I was in my late 20’s half black/white graduate of an ivy league university who turned to working as a prostitute in Honolulu gritty downtown area. Adjacent to Honolulu business district and Chinatown, “downtown” was and is a hotbed of drug activity. The only tourists to venture to an area close in distance but far in spirit from the wealth of Waikiki were tourists devoted to seeing the “real” Honolulu. Downtown street prostitutes worked 24/7, the women and the men dressed as women habitually choose the same spots on the “backstreet,” or Kukui Avenue, a narrow mixed residential and business half mile area. Previously I spoke of pimps. There were no pimps downtown because we spent all of journey on drugs and drug related expenses necessary to acquire more drugs. Someone read my earlier post and thought it was full of platitudes…

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Author: Harvard Elite on the Street in Hawaii

Caroleena puts a human, intelligent face on society’s addicted pariahs to educate and entertain from Honolulu’s streets

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