The Golden Globes celebrated the ceremony’s diversity. The stars surely never thought to include hookers but that have to might change

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The participants in the Golden Globe awards were very self congratulatory. They had cause to be proud of themselves. For the first time Asian Americans in films that don’t require them to be Charlie Chan or Bruce Lee. Openly gay people mingled with everyone because the days when everyone assumed all gay people had AIDS and we’re dangerously contagious are waning. It is normal for people to want more and more of a good thing. When this natural tendency goes off the rails addictions result. But the natural desire for more goodness is crucial to human progress. I have come up with the term “Legal Status Diversity” to name the phenomenon of allowing known ex convicts to be a part of society. Why contemplate including people best left on the sidelines? Because the real truth is that the underbelly of society is all around us. We have an addiction epidemic…

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Author: Harvard Elite on the Street in Hawaii

Caroleena puts a human, intelligent face on society’s addicted pariahs to educate and entertain from Honolulu’s streets

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