I am providing a link–Recognize the Signs of Sex Trafficking from | Polaris.


Sex Trafficking vs. Prostitution

I really dislike reading articles that make no distinction between sex trafficking and prostitution. My point is always,

Prostitution does not equal sex trafficking.

The “work” might be the same but trafficking is tantamount to slavery while prostitution is voluntary work. As voluntary as work ever is for those of us who must work to survive. Two very different practices. I appreciate when people don’t equate the two and present sex trafficking with no reference to prostitution. Follow the link above to read an interesting article about warning signs that people are being trafficked or a location is used for trafficking.


I thought it went without saying that I oppose sex slavery. One reason I have issues with people is that I neglect to say what needs to be said. So here is my official stance on sex slavery–against.

Author: Harvard Educated Hooker in Hawaii

Caroleena is the ivy league educated ex Honolulu streetwalker an intimate view of addiction fueled prostitution and its ripple effects.

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