I know about crime now

The movie Fresh is about a black kid who runs dope and somehow uses the game to save him and his sister from the life. I say “somehow” because the first time I saw it I knew nothing about drugs and didn’t understand half of what was said. How times have changed. Gone are the days when I didn’t know the difference between base and smack. I feel all grown up and sophisticated. Not bc the movie glorifies drugs. It doesn’t. And I certainly don’t live a life of guns and violence. Information is as close as I want to get to that life. So why do I feel so self congratulatory. Hmm…I guess I feel…worldly with my graduate degree in drug use.

Author: Harvard Elite on the Street in Hawaii

Caroleena puts a human, intelligent face on society’s addicted pariahs to educate and entertain from Honolulu’s streets

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