ABOUT: Purposes of this SEXPERIENCE site, why I write it, why you should read it.

“‘Harvard’ Hooker” was the name fake friends called Caroleena behind her back. Not to say she went to Harvard, maybe she did, maybe she did not. Caroleena is the ivy league educated X-Streetwalker with stories to share about drug addiction fueled prostitution in Honolulu from the turn of the millennium to the present day. Her entertaining, politically incorrect views are influenced by her experiences as a half black/white American female and convicted felon with a Master’s degree in one pocket and a condom in the other.

Cringing & Relatable Honesty-You aren’t the only one who thinks like that! You May Be Improper but You are NOT Alone!

Caroleena shares her views through editorial style commentary about current events as she interprets these events through the lens of her sexperiences. Caroleena says what others think but are afraid to say. Well, she is convinced others think politically incorrect thoughts that they dare not say aloud. See what she has to say and decide for yourself if she is misguided and the only one who has her own racism, judgmentalism, assumptions, cynicism…yadda, yadda, yadda. Caroleena is not afraid to ruffle feathers with her version of the truth, probably why she is not the most popular person in person, but irresistible at a distance. For example, here is an observation she shared with others. These others were appalled and her disapproval effectively tempered her freely spoken free speech. Judge for yourself the purported offensiveness of an observation made by a bright undergraduate.

In Caroleena’s early days at college she had never seen so many Asian people outside of Chinatown, where she never thought of them as peers. In fact, at that point in her life, she still used the word Oriental until she was confronted by the appalled gasps of her classmates when she innocently said it. After being scolded and harshly told that only ignorant people did not know that the correct word for people was “Asian” and “Oriental” referred to items from a certain part of the world. Not wanting to look even stupider, she did not tell anyone how captivating Asian hair appeared to her, how amazingly shiny and smooth. So very different from her own, but just as nice. Caroleena was very much a fan of this heretofore unknown beauty but she kept her wonder to herself. She marveled at the black satin sheen of that hair, always in secret, always with a pang of guilt.

Caroleena, age 17, first year ivy league college student

Needless guilt. Engendered by the belief that one is the lone idiot to harbor improper thoughts. Caroleena wants to share her own idiocy so others can know they are not alone in their foolishness. People, like her late beloved friend, live their entire lives without ever feeling good about themselves because they feel like freaks because of hidden thoughts and unexpressed desires. How many times did he ask her “this is ok? You don’t think this is weird?” Countless times she reassured him that her sexperience files stored many of the same thoughts from quite a few people. He was not alone, and he never knew it. Now he is dead. If he is in a position to know anything now, she hopes he knows that he was just like very many other people. She fervently hopes others will find comradery in her freakiness and impropriety.

Caroleena gives you her truths. Do with them what you will.

Uplift and Encourage Those Born Winners Who Became Losers

Have you ever failed when you should have succeeded? Ever felt too ashamed to Facebook high school friends til you got something going? Caroleena understands because she snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Now she is contributing to the world and wants to share how she got back on track, well, mostly.

Hooker Life Hacks: the newest every day wisdom from the world’s oldest profession

You should right a book! Share what you learned! Everyone said. Write she did–not a book yet, but a blog. Find out what she knows and make the surprsing discovery that you can apply her wisdom to your life.

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