Now that heroin addiction is a white problem and not a black problem, we are told a new story about heroin.

I watched an hour long news story, hosted by that guy from Dateline who lured the sexual predators to homes with the promise of a 13 year old playmate. Then, surprise! The girl would disappear after leading the perv to the kitchen and out would pop the journalist and camera crew to question the perv about his motives Very amusing and purely entertaining to me because the subject had nothing to do with my life. The story I was watching tonight was not so amusing because it had everything to do with me. The Dateline guy was talking about the unprecedented heroin epidemic among the “suburban” population. “Suburban” is media code for “White.” The story went on to say that heroin addiction was at one time thought to be a problem of “other people” from “broken homes” in the “inner city” hotspots like “back alleys.” All of those terms are code for “black.” In case the audience could not crack the code, the story flashed half second pictures of “minority” neighborhoods and “suburban” split level homes. What the correspondent endeavored to communicate was something he wanted the audience to understand without having to come right out and say exactly what he meant. I will come right out and say it. Heroin was thought to be a black problem, especially a poor black problem. No one really cared because no one cared about blacks, especially poor blacks. Now heroin is a white problem and that reality is a shock because one of the ways whites were presumed to be superior to blacks is their immunity to drug addiction. Many whites are dying from a black problem and there is so much shame in this reality that many in the white community have turned a blind eye to the addiction problem. Overdoses? Oh well. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Even whites don’t care about other whites if they want to act like the worst of blacks. White family members impacted by addiction are trying to reframe addiction as an illness rather than an immorality. We should all care about addiction now because things start to be different when they start to be white.

I would respect any news outlet who will come out and say the truth in plain speech and leave code words out of it. I know how to crack that code and quite frankly I have grown sick of hearing yet again that people who look like me, don’t matter for one reason or another. People wonder why I am so mean sometimes. I say, if they understood what the world presents to me about what it thinks of me, the real question is not why am I so mean but why am I so nice?

That demographic shift is responsible for redefining addiction as a disease and not a character flaw