A prominent NFL figure has been arrested in Florida, USA for some prostitution related offense. Are you kidding me?

If the president can’t get no h**d there’s no hope for the rest of us.

I’m shooting from the hip in this post and extracting my info from memory rather than pulling up the article. But hey, it’s the internet. I don’t have to have my facts straight. If memory serves me, there’s a strip mall in Florida that has an establishment fronting as a non-sex business, but offers sex on the d.l. The cops raided it and a prominent NFL guy caught a case. Maybe he owns the Patriots, some real football VIP.

No Sex Slavery

Let me say upfront that if those women were held in that establishment against their wills as sex slaves, I am totally against that. And yes, the police and all of the powers-that-be need to move in and help those women. The rest of my post is going to be written under the assumption that the women were not sex slaves but were making a living.

Are you kidding me?

Please tell me that Florida has no unsolved murders, etc. I do not want to think that limited time and resources had been devoted to halting mutually beneficial arrangements rather than solving real crimes and keeping the public safe. The real reason behind the police action: people who are in no way involved or impacted wouldn’t like it if they knew what was happening.

The very rich are different from you and me. Here’s an example.

I’m reminded of the Bill Clinton situation. My beloved late friend, Swann, had been a medic in Vietnam and he spent his well earned retirement in hedonism. When he wasn’t doing something he was talking about it. Of the Clinton cigar scenario. He said:

The whole world is laughing at us right now. If the president of the United States can’t get no h**d there’s no hope for the rest of us!

Philosophy about extra-marital sex and the POTUS by James Swann

Swann believed and I concurred, that men behaving badly was the most desirable state of being for most men. Why do Americans pretend otherwise, especially the men. I am not saying that every man would have visited the Florida strip mall, or used the oval office for shenanigans, but I am saying that just about every man would want to do so.

“There ought to be a law”

Have you ever heard the expression “there ought to be a law”? It means that there is a problem in society, a bunch of people are doing something way too much and we have to stop them because the desired actions are hurtful. Look at the laws regarding sex and you will see a list of things that people really want to do but for some reason are forbidding themselves and others

I said earlier people wouldn’t like knowing about the sex but maybe the disapproval is rooted in jealousy. When this list does not involve hurting another person but instead involves feeling pleasure, I have to ask myself why are the men in our society denying themselves the sex they want?

Laws are the embodiment of lies we tell ourselves about what kind of society we want. How many of us really want to engage in the forbidden strip mall visit? Or at the very least, read about it?

Hooker Life Hack: How to charge for your services

Value determination is tricky for prostitutes unless they know men.


Determine the price of your services when the perceived value is highest.

–Kenneth, former client & almost s.o.


When is the perceived value highest? Hint: do not count on a man to feel grateful to you after sex. Gratitude would interfere with the client’s desire to flee the scene as fast as possible. From what I hear, men usually want to get away from the woman asap whenever they have sex, not only with providers. Click the above link for the answer to the price determination question.