Hooker with a Degree in One Hand and a Rap Sheet in the Other

Sexy, Funny Video/Verse unmasks forbidden intimate taboos in Honolulu

Hooker with a Degree in One Hand and a Rap Sheet in the Other

July 14, 2018

I have a morbid sense of humor. I find amusement in things that others might find depressing, upsetting, mean…you get the picture. This trait is called “gallows humor.” Yes, I can laugh at the fact that somehow my ivy league alma mater got ahold of my prison address and sent the alumni magazine to the Women’s Community Correctional Center in Kailua on the island of Oahu, state of Hawaii. I had to chuckle at the thought of the alumni affairs office rushing the magazine to me since I was valued as a graduate, only to have the magazine sit in the mail room because inmate desires were low priority. “Next time no come jail,” the ACO (Adult Correctional Officer) snapped at me in Hawaii’s colloquial dialect, called pidgin, when I asked about the…

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Adult web site hooker reviews & the N.Y. Times: Twins?

Sexy, Funny Video/Verse unmasks forbidden intimate taboos in Honolulu

What does the New York Times have in common with an adult web site that posts anonymous reviews of providers? Sadly, these sources of info/opinions/fantasy (??) have a lot in common now that the New York Times has published an anonymous negative opinion piece about a prominent leader. In both cases we know the authors do not want to identify themselves. Yet the authors do not use the cloak of anonymity to specify exactly what we have to fear from the objects of scorn. We could juxtapose the reviews but we won’t due to copyright laws. If we did we would see the ugly insults but no foundation of factual evidence. We should just take the authors at their words that the hated ones are bad for reasons known only to them. Since unsupported anonymously written negative reviews accomplish nothing but fury, maybe the motives are not what they seem…

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People say the strangest things about hookers. Here’s an example.

Sexy, Funny Video/Verse unmasks forbidden intimate taboos in Honolulu

Recently, I was reading a popular adult services web site which posts reviews about providers. The reviews are supposed to be from clients and I think they usually are.  Of course you never know if a good review is from someone who really likes a girl he has never even met but wants to give her some good press based on his fantasies. Or maybe a bad review was written by someone with an ax to grind (ironically, I had problems with people I would not engage intimately.  They did not have enough money.  I knew that because there is not enough money.  But I digress).  I find the site fascinating, not just because it appeals to the egomaniac in me, although it is a terrifying and wonderful thing to see your name in print, well sort of.  Not the same as having your name on that banner of lights…

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I had a pimp but I did not know it

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IMG_20170626_214856.pngIn 2002 I was addicted to crack cocaine and turned to hooking on the streets of downtown Honolulu to support my habit. I was not one of the expensive streetwalkers who strolled Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki wearing platform shoes with the fake fish appearing to swim in glass heels. These women were usually young, attractive under lots of make up, often walked in pairs, and came out at night. They dressed like hookers on tv, which was my only frame of reference. The women did not appear to mind that their mission was easy to guess. Truth in advertising must have worked well because they were out every night. Their activities were closely monitored by black men, also young, who sat in luxury cars parked on the side streets like Lewers or Beachwalk. These young black men approached any woman they noticed who watched, not where she was going, but…

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Remember the Blog I Wrote About Client who liked to watch me take IQ tests? Here’s a Great Example of How “Sexy” Varies

Sexy, Funny Video/Verse unmasks forbidden intimate taboos in Honolulu

This viral math question has two solutions.

This viral math question has two solutions.
There are two correct answers.
 Tomasina DiMatteo/Facebook

Spotted on The Daily Mail, the question was originally created by Go Tumble and shared on Wikr before taking off on Facebook and going viral.

There are two correct ways to solve it. The first way to find the solution is to add the equation, then combine the sum with that of the previous equation. The second solution involves multiplying the second number of the equation by the number you are adding to it. The correct answer could either be 40 or 96.

Your experience may vary, that is one of the phrases often used on the site that introduced me to internet adult entertainment and reviews of said entertainers, including my former self.  What works for one person may not for another.  Common sense really, but common sense isn’t so common.  You…

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How critiques on an adult web site are not just commenting, they are also creating (s)experience

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I was yexti g the hobbyist I knew as Little Blue.  I had met a very nice guy, Blue Neck, and several other upfront senior members who gave fair reviews. 321Bloke. NandaGoodHand. FlowerSniffer. DR-Rico. Not everyone wanted to hide their screen name from the provider, although some guys said membership in the American Sex Tales (as I call it) site should be like fight club, the firzt rule being tell no one about it. I assumed I simply didn’t hear from the secretive people. Little Blue would surely want to k ow about tbe blog I was planning, so I told him. I was unprepared for the response. “So you are going to write about yourself? Yawn. Don’t you get sick of you? Everyone else does.”  What??? I had not had a hateful comment like that since I read posts by…Astro Youth!These two are the same guy! “You knew it…

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Adult Services Provider Reviews By Hobbyists-how it feels when hobbyists have split on screen personalities.

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Whenever I go to an adult site I know features reviews about my performance as an adult services provider my heart is in my mouth. I’m totally nervous, almost scared. I didn’t think I would feel this way. I told myself I spend time with these people for the money. I do my best to look good and make people happy. What else is there? I have nothing to worry about. I guess my words to myself fell on my own deaf ears because worry is exactly what I do. When they say good things about me they are usually talking about my body, my intelligence, and my skills. When they say bad things about me they have two main areas they attack: my personality, because I can grow to become warm but it is difficult for me to fake affection. I do try, since obviously I am supposed to…

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