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Caroleena is the mixed race native New Yorker who becomes the “Harvard” Hooker in Honolulu. Caroleena tells her story in blog posts, pictures, and short videos about the life of Ivy league educated Streetwalker (now former streetwalker) who at age 23, followed the path of addiction away from academic and career success and to the streets of downtown Honolulu in the early 2000’s. Adjacent to Honolulu’s small Chinatown, business district, and political capital, “Downtown” or simply “Town.” continues to be far off the beaten tourist path. The region was and is a hotspot of drug addiction, gambling, homelessness, mental illness, and low price street prostitution. In addition to brazenly honest and ironic posts, Caroleena offers answers to inquiries, commentary on current events, and whatever else she wants to discuss, Her inimitable dark, macabre humor has hooked readers worldwide. The ultimate goal is to introduce a new way of thinking about old issues of race, class, sexuality, addiction, stereotypes–all of society’s Biggie’s. Caroleena gives voice to the formerly voiceless drug addicted prostitute of color and challenges assumptions about what it means to qualify as human.

Caroleena, the Harvard Hooker in Honolulu, the Educated Escort, the ivy league X-Streetwalker turned sex talker exposes topics too hot for others to handle. She is uniquely qualified to sell it and tell it.